Talent, humility and good old fashion hard work is a very powerful combination.

Michael R. Scotch

Angel Sessions

The first lady of Atlas Elite Entertainment LLC, Angel Sessions has  released a brand new single entitled, Never (Don't Go). This single has received over 4 million streams on Sound Cloud and counting.  Angel's fans are giving it rave reviews  The music is Jeremy Christian aka Yan Banga.  This single is gaining  even more popularity in begng reviewed by various sites.  Available at online stores and streaming services.  Check it out on Soundcloud.

Jay Ezra

Atlas Elite Entertainment is very proud of the buzz for the single, My First Love is creating for their new hip-hop artist Jay Ezra.  Angel Sessions, one of the founders of AEE says, "Atlas Elite Entertainment, Rodney Crews, Demetrius Guidry and I, are much honored to have signed our new queen of Hip-Hop, Jay Ezra.  She is super talented and has a passion and love for her songs and the message they convey.  I love her drive and ability to deliver such great songs.  We are looking forward to more great music from Jay Ezra."  She is currently working on new material for the world to hear.  Listen to "My First Love" that has over 1 million streams and download it for FREE to enjoy the sound of the Lady of Lyrics, Jay Ezra.  Listen to it now on SoundCloud.

Shardella Sessions

Shardella Sessions is the daughter of the First Lady of Atlas Elite Entertainment, Angel Sessions.  She started singing professionally at the tender age of 12 doing a duet with her mother back in 2003.  In the same year, her mother started a girl group called One Unity.  Shardella was the lead singer.  Having the taste of performing on stage and doing live radio interviews, music has become Shardella’s passion.  As an R&B singer, Shardella is now writing and producing her own songs.   She is referred to as the Princess of Atlas Elite Entertainment.  Listen to this exciting single on SoundCloud.