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Atlas Elite Entertainment is partnering with Sony Entertainment to launch a major motion picture written and co-written by Rodney Crews and Angel Sessions entitled, Destined for Greatness.  Angel has also written a synopsis for another movie that is being considered for a major motion picture.  These are only the first of more movies to come.  We will  announce our first movie when it becomes official.  Stay tuned!

Satellite Radio

Having our own platform for our AEE radio show and channel is another area of focus we are exicted about.  We desire to present the awesome musiical talent and personalities of independent artists by giving them the stage they deserve in the music industry.


The Atlas Elite Entertainment team is making plans play a crucial role in creating opportunities for independent artists whom we will represent. We will make information known about this area of focus as things develop.  We do not accept unsolicited material.


Fashion Modeling

Starting our very own clothing line is another entity of Atlas Elite Entertainment.  We're excited about the possibilities that exist for our brand and for the fashion models who will showcase our apparel and for other clothing designers.


Rodney Crews established the business name that bares the names in which he is known (Atlas). The name says that a select group of artists will represent the company, (Elite). It also says that the company and artist will execute at the highest level possible, (Entertainment).

Success isn’t just about what you accomplish in your life, it’s about what you inspire others to do.

Angel Sessions is the First Lady and artist of Atlas Elite Entertainment. She has 13 albums. Discover her awesome talent and who she is in many places on the internet including her website! Demetrius Guidry is the person behind the scenes developing the visual application of the team’s creative ideas and the message of the company's endeavors. He also developed a private network for Grammy voting members to network called Consider Indie Artists (CIA Network).